Beaucarnea - How to care for and cultivate your Beaucarnea

Beaucarnea - How to care for and cultivate your Beaucarnea



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We insert this testimony to highlight the passion, dedication, skill, patience but above all the love that Dario has towards these creatures, demonstrating that love has no sex, no shape, no color. (editor's note)

I bought a plant last winter that, at the supermarket, was in the condition of a ... dustbin


was less than 5 cm high, completely uprooted and inserted, only resting, on the remnant of earth in its jar (probably someone had dropped it and then put it back somehow), with a single crumpled leaf emerging from the "bulb" that it also had a large rotting abrasion at the base. I confess to having taken it (at a cost of 1 €) moved by a feeling of pity imagining the imminent end that would be touched, in the garbage.

I took it home and put it in a jar with half cactus soil and half peat (at that time I had absolutely nothing else). the peat was damp so, after cleaning the rotting part, I buried the few roots but I didn't water for a dozen days. the plan was on a window sill, in the house, with a heater under ... (last winter it was very rigid and the heater was constantly on). the abrasion soon healed and so I started watering it sporadically.

in the following months it began to make some new leaves.

in spring I took it to the mountains, as, in many subsequent trips, all my plants before summer. there I placed it with its jar in the sun which, however, became quite desirable: it was a very rainy spring, summer, autumn and there was no lack of adversities such as wind and hail, as well as temperatures that were anything but summer (in mid-August I had lit the fireplace in the house ...). the little creature, saved from the supermarket, must have had SIGNIFICANT REASONS TO LIVE and has never given signs of suffering and currently, less than a year's time, has grown to a height of 20 cm. now it is on the window, but OUTSIDE, with night temperatures (it's December 12) approaching 0 ° C or even less, and sometimes, being in a large saucer of a planter, in common with other pots, creating some sewage, ice has also formed, even on the damp surface of his land!

I send a photo by email to prove her state of good health (the "bulb" is absolutely turgid and the little girl has deep green leaves (but the heart is red, which was not originally).

I reiterate as in the previous comment that these extreme situations should not be taken as a model: the daily monitoring that I dedicate to my plants allows me to intervene in the first big problem that should occur which, if neglected for days, could inexorably condemn our beloved darlings .

nevertheless, having been able to experience the abilities and the degree of resistance of this creature, even more so small, fills me with amazement and wonder at the greatness of mother nature, revealing the tenacity to live that it is able to instill.

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If you wish to ask Dario Toffolon for clarification, you can write to our editorial [email protected]

Beaucarnea - Beaucarnea spp. Atlas of Potted Plants - Indoor and Balcony Plants

Common name: Nolina or Mangiafumo.
Kind: Beaucarnea.

Family: Liliaceae.

Origin: Central America.

Genre description: includes about 20 species of perennial plants, but there is practically one on the market: B. recurvata.

Beaucarnea recurvata - Mangiafumo (photo

Tips for growing it

The smoke-eating plant can be grown without too much difficulty even at home, however it is essential to opt for a variety that does not reach excessive dimensions in order to always be able to arrange it in pots. The most important aspect to evaluate is the exposure to sunlight, in fact, the plant needs abundant lighting practically all year round. The temperature is also decisive, which should never drop below ten degrees during the cold months. In summer, however, the Beaucarnea can be safely exposed to direct sun without running any risks.

For what concern topsoil suitable to favor a harmonious development of the plant, it is advisable to use one composed also of sand and peat, leaving however the area at the base that appears swollen uncovered. The contribution of water it must not be the same during the twelve months of the year, in fact the Beaucarnea needs to be watered abundantly from March until the end of summer, regularly but paying attention to stagnant water that can lead to root rot. It is preferable to irrigate in the morning or in the evening after sunset. During the winter, however, it is possible to water the plant sparingly, also because the Beaucarnea manages to use its water reserves located at the base of the stem. Another danger for Nolina is represented by some types of parasites, in particular of the cochineal, an aphid that nestles at the base of the foliage and whose infestation manifests itself through a progressive yellowing and shriveling of the leaves. Often the remedy is only to eliminate the affected leaves, saving the plant even at the cost of making it less showy.


It is one of my favorite plants because it is extremely luxuriant, very easy to care for and it is almost impossible to make it die (it tolerates drought well!). The Pothos neutralizes carbon monoxide, xylene, benzene and toluene often present in enamels, paints and solvent glues also used in the home environment. This plant lives very well in a not too large pot, with universal soil, at a temperature above 12 ° C and in a bright location.

The leaves of the Beaucarnea that gradually dry up or become damaged must be removed.

Beaucarnea propagates from basal or seed shoots.
In choosing the multiplication technique it must be taken into account that multiplication by seed does not guarantee to obtain plants that are the same as the mother plants.

Multiplication by basal shoots

In the base of the Beaucarnea plant, basal shoots are formed which can be taken from the mother plant and which must be planted in single 10 cm pots using the same composition used for adult plants.
During this period the pots must be kept at a temperature of 24 ° C and the soil must be kept constantly humid. The pot should be placed in a shady place.
The first sprouts are the signal that the plant should be treated as an adult plant.

Multiplication by seeds

The seeds must be sown in the period of February-March in soil formed by fertile soil and a coarse sand or, alternatively, by perlite. Since the seeds are not particularly large, they need to be pushed under the soil with the help of a flat piece of wood or by pouring new soil over it.

The seed container should be kept in a shady place with a temperature of around 20-21 ° C and, if possible, basal heating can be provided to please rooting.
The soil must be kept constantly moist (you can use a vaporizer to moisten the soil) until the moment of germination.

To ensure a correct temperature and to prevent the soil from drying out, the container must be covered with a transparent plastic sheet or glass plate. However, this cover must be removed daily to control soil moisture and to eliminate condensation.
When the seeds have germinated, the lid must be removed and the amount of light that will grow as the seedlings grow. When the plants are large enough they must be transplanted using soil that is used for adult plants.

Beaucarnea care

There Beaucarnea it is native to the hot and dry areas of Central America. It is a slow-growing plant characterized by a stem that has a bulge in the base part that serves the plant as a sort of pitcher to store water During the winter, however, it is possible to water the plant sparingly, also because the Beaucarnea manages to use its water reserves located at the base of the Beaucarnea stem: care Regardless of whether it blooms or not, the Beaucarnea is a plant that is not particularly difficult to grow, especially if in pots and in apartments. The important thing to remember if you want to get satisfactory results, are the temperatures, the cold ones are very sensitive and can kill you.

Although still known as Nolina recurvata, this plant is no longer part of the Nolina genus but of BeaucarneaThey come from Mexico and some Central American countries. Some species of these genera are Beaucarnea recurvata, Beaucarnea gracilis, Beaucarnea guatemalensis, Beaucarnea stricta, Nolina beldingii .. It is commonly called Nolina recurvata, Beaucarnea, Beucarnea, Piede. If in nature the Beaucarnea is a tree that reaches a height of 15 meters in the apartment, a plant is instead known for its slow growth. How to take care of it? LIGHT: it needs to receive a beautiful intense light throughout the year it is in fact one of the plants that can tolerate even direct sun well inside and if you have a beautiful south or south-west window it is the perfect plant Care of the Beaucarnea recurvata An undemanding and very long-lived plant, it needs a location in the house with good brightness, like next to a window. Better to avoid direct light. The Beaucarnea has a stem that has a swelling at its base, from which the name elephant foot also derives, which is used to store water for periods of drought

Beaucarnea: Advice, Cultivation and Plant Care

  • ose, even in direct sunlight for a few hours, away from drafts and artificial sources of direct heat
  • eral (in the right proportions depending on the season)
  • when it has adapted (calculate a couple of months to be sure) you can leave it exposed to full sun for the whole day, even in July (take care, however, to water it daily in the evening, always with lukewarm water so that can regenerate the water loss that occurred by evaporation from the leaf tissue). you can pick it up in late autumn or even in December, depending on the climate (which is now totally unpredictable), and in any case before the rigors of the night

Smoke-eating plant (Beaucarnea): properties and care for the

  1. The beaucarnea is an indoor ornamental plant also known as a smoke-eating plant for its ability to retain impurities, cleaning the air of the rooms in which it is located. This is not to say that those accustomed to smoking indoors will have improvements in air quality by placing noline plants everywhere.
  2. Beaucarnea of ​​the Asparagaceae family - Cultivation and care of the Beaucarnea. Home => Plant cultivation => Plant cultivation - Letter B => Beaucarnea. Beaucarnea. Common name. Beaucarnea, nolina, smoke eater. Difficulty of cultivation. Needs some attention
  3. Mangiafumo: cultivation and care ☛ EXPOSURE: it needs a lot of light, it can also stay in direct sun for about 4 hours during the day. ☛ WATERING: in summer wet 1-2 times a week in winter 1 time every 10 days, do not overdo the water too much, rather let it dry between one wetting and the other
  4. ose, taking care not to let it come into direct contact with the sun's rays during the hottest hours of the day, under penalty of possible leaf burn
  5. The formerly known as Nolina recurvata, also called elephant leg, has recently been classified in the genus Beaucarnea. They are very surprising plants for their sculptural posture, so they are very popular as ornamental plants in gardening and decoration, because even if it grows much better and with more height outside you can also have it inside.

Beaucarnea - Beaucarnea spp. Atlas of pot plants - Indoor and balcony plants Classification, origin and description. Common name: Nolina or Mangiafumo. Genus: Beaucarnea .. Family: Liliaceae .. Origin: Central America .. Genus description: includes about 20 species of perennial plants, but on the market there is practically one: B. recurvata, of intense green color, which arise from the apex of a short woody and bottle-shaped stem, slow growth, height up to 2 m. First of all, let's try to understand something more about the type of plant we are talking about, also to learn how to take care in the appropriate way. Beaucarnea recurvata, commonly called smoke-eating plant, but also elephant foot, is a decorative caudiciform plant also suitable for cultivation in the apartment, belonging to the Liliacee family

Beaucarnea recurvata: very widespread, This plant does not need special care, the only care to have is to keep it at temperatures above 10 ° C. In summer you can also go to high temperatures, what matters is to guarantee the plant the right level of humidity Spathiphyllum Plant Care Smoke Eating Plant CareBack To Spathiphyllum Plant CareSpathiphyllum Plant Care Calla Plant Care, Spathiphyllum Care. Beaucarnea is known as a smoke-eating plant or nolina because it derives from the French horticulture Nolin lived in 1700 to which the plant How to Cure Azaleas was dedicated

beaucarnea. On this page we will talk about: beaucarnea: other articles: video apartment plants on care video evergreen apartment plants beaucarnea: The beucarnea, also called nolina, is a semi succulent shrub native to Central and South America, where it reaches the size of a small tree Published on Jan 27, 2017 It is an evergreen perennial growing to 15 feet 6 inches (4.72 m) with a noticeable expanded caudex, for the purpose of storing water inside Video guide on beaucarnea. Tips and tricks for best growing this semi succulent shrub. - In collaborates .. Beaucarnea recurvata, commonly called smoke-eating plant (but also elephant foot), is a decorative caudiciform plant also suitable for cultivation in the apartment.. Like most succulent plants, it can tolerate a lack of water for some periods and on the other hand, especially in winter, it suffers from water stagnation. It is a slow growing plant that in the.

Le Beaucarnea is not a particularly disease-prone plant. Among the few diseases worth mentioning is the cochineal which could affect the underside of the leaves. In this case it can be removed with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or the plant can be washed with water and neutral soap. Care: Exposure and brightness: abundant throughout the year, Nolina can also be placed in direct sunlight. Temperature: 20-25 ° C, never below 10 ° C in winter, withstands temperatures up to 30 ° C in summer, and is very sensitive to cold drafts Visit eBay to find a large selection of beaucarnea. Discover the best offers, immediately at home, in complete safety

It is called Beaucarnea and is also called a smoke-eating plant. It is ornamental and super hardy. Here's how to take care of it if you want to grow it indoors. For more information Beaucarnea recurvata XL at 100% Fresh Products Guarantee Protective ecological packaging Order online It is not particularly difficult to cultivate the Beaucarnea, it can also be grown in pots. It is important to pay attention to the temperatures that must not be too cold: during the winter it is necessary to make sure that the temperature does not drop below 10 degrees. Take care of it Beaucarnea recurvata (Nolina, Smoke Eater Plant) [Vase Ø17cm | H.. 50 cm.]: Garden & Garden Selecting your cookie preferences We use cookies and other similar technologies to improve your shopping experience, to provide our services, to understand how our customers use them so that we can improve and to display advertisements

The Beaucarnea eater of smoke is presented with an iron riser and a vase with various decorative layers. The smoke-eating Beaucarnea is a plant that is very suitable to be placed in our apartments as it is very resistant and easy to grow! Indoor plant Beaucarnea Nolina with iron riser Height cm. 40> 50 Vase ø cm. 13 Made by hand Protective ecological packaging Beaucarnea or Smoke-eater tropical evergreen plant. It is a plant that is easy to grow and does not require frequent watering. The correct position is warm and sheltered from cold winds. At home and in the office it fits without problems. The plant grows in height with a main stem that swells at the base to store water. The branched plant comes in. The Beaucarnea recurvata plant is a houseplant native to Mexico and belonging to the Asparagaceae family. Also called smoke-eating plant due to its ability to absorb harmful gases without suffering the consequences

Beaucarnea: Varieties, Care and Reproduction - Gree Ideas

  1. General characteristics of the Nolina or smoke-eating plant. Nolina is an evergreen succulent plant native to South America. Grown in pots, the plant generally does not exceed one meter in height while in the places of origin and in regions characterized by a Mediterranean climate, especially in the islands, it reaches up to 2 meters. meters
  2. The Beaucarnea suffers from direct light, therefore it is advisable to place it in shady places but it resists very well to temperature changes. Indoor cactus Cacti are very particular plants that are simple to grow and maintain thanks to their excellent water conservation capacity, these plants are perfectly suited to extremely hot environments, such as deserts.
  3. Take care to put a layer of cocci, or expanded clay at the bottom of the pot to promote drainage. Watering. Give water only after the soil has dried. Likes spraying of the foliage, especially in summer. It does not like water stagnation which can cause root rot. Luc
  4. Real plant SMOKE MANAGER PLANT - BEAUCARNEA NOLINA Ø 14 CM - h 45 cm: Garden & Garden Selection of cookie preferences We use cookies and other similar technologies to improve your shopping experience, to provide our services, to understand how our customers use them so that we can improve them and to display advertisements
  5. Description. The Beaucarnea recurvata plant belongs to the Dracaenaceae family and is an ornamental shrub type. The height is between 100 and 150 cm can be kept even where there is not much space, the width is from 100 to 150 cm. It takes an average of 20-50 years to grow and reach its maximum development

The care of Beaucarnea recurvata According to experts in the sector, Beaucarnea recurvata is the ideal plant even for those who have absolutely no green thumb and therefore do not know how to care for and cultivate them, this because it does not require special interventions, little water, heat. and annual cleaning. The smoke-eating plant is a plant that is very resistant to attacks by gods. ManoMano: all your DIY, renovation and gardening products at the most convenient price How to grow the beaucarnea. Once we have clarified what the general characteristics of the smoke-eating plant are, let's understand how it can be grown. Let's start by clarifying that the cultivation of Beaucamea is quite simple and can be done both in soil and in pots. The only trick is to make sure that the plant is never subjected to temperatures below. The ramified or smoke-eating Beaucarnea is a plant to give to those who do not have a green thumb because it can withstand any type of environmental condition for months. Indoor plant (indoor) Beaucarnea branched smoke-eating Height cm. 35> 45 Shaded ceramic vase ø cm. 13 Hand made. Ecological protective packaging

Nolina recurvata or Beaucarnea recurvata plant care

  1. How to recover a smoke-eating beaucarnea Discussion in 'Grasse' started by trikki, 7 May 2010. trikki Aspirante Giardinauta. Joined: May 7, 2010 Posts: 4 Location: altamura (BA) HELLO TO ALL !! © 2010-2015 Italian translation by XenForo Italy.
  2. CARE: Beaucarnea is the quintessential smoke-eating plant. It has a semi-woody stem with a typical caudex shape. It looks like a bottle with the part close to the ground well swollen that acts as a water deposit
  3. the beaucarnea behaves, for example, like the yucca. If one cuts a branch and the plant is fine, 3 or 4 new branches come out under the cut. All these plants derive from branches that have been cut and new branches are born under the cut. You can see it well from the photo I am attaching. In your case, under the break, new branches are being born

For more information Beaucarnea recurvata short shaft on 100% Fresh Products Guarantee Protective ecological packaging Order online Smoke-eating plant: this is what it is and how it is grown! Also called Beaucarnea Ricurvata or nolina, this plant has extraordinary virtues and qualities as it seems to be able to absorb gases and fumes present in the air The Beaucarnea grows slowly and the shape of the stem swollen in the lower part of the base is characteristic, useful for the plant to store water.. At the apex the tuft of deep green leaves, long, thin, curved. Take care of the plant. The Beaucarnea plant is not difficult to cultivate, especially if kept. Beaucarnea is known as a smoke-eating plant. In the article advice on watering, temperature and location of the beaucarnea. The beaucarnea is an indoor ornamental plant also known as a smoke-eating plant for its ability to retain impurities, cleaning the air of Beaucarnea: Tips, Cultivation and Care of the Smoke-Eating Plant The succulence of this liposculptuur ervaringen plant found in the semi-woody stem which assumes the typical caudex shape: In Italy it is grown almost exclusively as a houseplant, since the noline plants are very slow-growing plants, we will hardly see specimens larger than two in pots.

Beaucarnea recurvata - Card for home care - I

Houseplant of Mexican origin, the Beaucarnea recurvata has a particular appearance, in fact it has a woody trunk with tufts of ribbon-like leaves on top that can reach up to one meter in length, it loves well-lit environments and, in the shade of a tree, in summer, also lives well outdoors.In winter it must be sheltered at home away from sources of.

Like the agave, the beaucarnea does not need excessive care in order to grow healthy and luxuriant and this makes it an excellent example of a houseplant. Thanks to a swelling placed in the lower part of the stem, the shrub is able to store enough water to hydrate during long periods of drought and aridity of the soil. Beaucarnea (smoke eater) «Older Newer Ornamental houseplant. precautions and care exposure and brightness: It prefers to be exposed in bright places, but for short periods it also adapts to areas of medium brightness. It must not be exposed to drafts. Of the beaucarnea or of the paw of August art art and culture balcony in bloom cultivating how to do garden tips garden care garden care plant care design december paintings diy flowers phyto photography gardening garden gardens june how to works of the month may March wonderful Christmas gardens. Single or branched Beaucarnea in 18, 20 or 25 cm pots. Log in to receive personalized notifications about offers, refunds, special offers and more

Smoke-eating plant: how it works and how to cure it DireDonn

  1. Beaucarnea, the smoke-eating plant. The temperature should never drop below 10 ° C, taking care to prevent sudden changes and air currents, great enemies of our little plant. Watering must be regular.
  2. The beaucarnea, called smoke-eating plant, is an evergreen that grows very slowly, reaching a maximum height of two meters outside its natural environment. The trunk is fleshy, characterized by a bulge at the base, which contains a water reserve
  3. Latest news: the florist of Bortula, first of all, I know that he is a bit of a liar and my Beaucarnea, despite several attempts at treatment, has now died for about twenty days. When I go to the nurseries and see some huge smoke-eaters, without a dry leaf and above all without cochineal it makes me nervous. De profundis.
  4. Robusta • Exotic Beaucarnea recurvata ceramic vase Indoor plant compositions Buy now from OBI
  5. Easy to clean • Robust • Exotic Beaucarnea recurvata Smoke-eating plant Pot Ø approx. 12 cm Palm trees and similar shaped plants now from OB
  6. I dare, but does not tolerate direct sunlight exposure to light .. They are very sun-loving plants and are very hardy. They can withstand the high heat in the summer and at the same time they can withstand the cold in the winter: what matters is that the.

Beaucarnea. The ideal temperature of the Beaucarnea Pure Collection is around 20 ºC (room temperature). In winter it bears lower temperatures, with a minimum of 10ºC. Care: it fears the winter, therefore it is not recommended to place it outside too early. or simply my beloved smoke-eater. has the tips of the leaves dry !.

Beaucarnea or Nolina or Mangiafumo, a plant native to central and southern America. It needs a lot of light, but indirect. regular watering in spring, summer, autumn. In winter, irrigation is suspended. it is fertilized in spring and autumn.It can be presented with a tall single or branched stem or with a low globose base PLANT HEIGHT 120 C Beaucarnea. Evergreen indoor plant, resistant and long-lived, easy to grow, characterized by a woody and spongy stem, swollen at the base, Good care, with adequate watering and a suitable soil, can prevent any root rot Buy online a living plant of Beaucarnea recurvata of the best quality from Worldwide shipping from Europ Of the beaucarnea or of the elephant's paw. by Fito. 7 years ago. CONTINUE READING. Post August art art and culture flowered balcony cultivating how to do gardening tips garden care garden care plant care design december diy paintings phyto flowers photography gardening gardening gardens garden june how to. beaucarnea: description and cultivation techniques of the beaucarnea plant video, images, resources and links for further information

Smoke-eating plant or Beaucarnea: cultivation and care

Beaucarnea is not poisonous. The sap of the Schefflera, on the other hand, contains crystals of calcium oxalate which can cause slight irritation to the skin if it comes into contact with the leaves. The Schefflera is not a smoke-eating plant but is very present in Italian homes. When handling it it is recommended to wear gloves to avoid irritation. Find lots of ideas for beaucarnea price. is a large platform for interior design in Italy that facilitates the search for furniture, accessories and furnishing accessories. Find inspiration Choose from thousands of products Decorate your home without equal

Smoke-eating plant, what it is and how to care - Lombarda Flo

Beaucarnea cultivation (too old to answer) matuzalem28 2003-08-08 14:47:14 UTC. Permalink. Hello to some fundamental rules, but above all I take care of hearing them. I was able to find that in general, even if surviving plastic pots or the like. Pack of 20 seeds of Beaucarnea Mangiafumo (Beaucarnea guatemalensis) Plant native to the arid areas of Guatemala belonging to the Asparagaceae family. Among its features, it purifies the air from heavy metals and unpleasant fumes. Very original for the creation of exotic bonsai. Ideal as a houseplant

Eat smoke Nolina - Beaucarnea recurvata - Beucarnea

Flowers - 2 × Lilies of the Nile in multicolored vase as a set - Height: 50 cm, yellow flowers Delivery areas and costs Our products are shipped throughout Italy with free delivery for orders over € 50.00. For orders of less than € 50.00 delivery costs are € 9.90 Beaucarnea or Nolina or Mangiafumo, a plant native to Central and South America. It needs a lot of light, but indirect. regular watering in spring, summer, autumn. In winter, irrigation is suspended. it fertilizes in spring and autumn.It can have a tall single or branched stem or with a low globose base. Beaucarnea, appreciated for its property as a smoke-eating plant, is an evergreen native to the hot and dry areas of Central America. to the Agavaceae family, in Mexico it is even among the protected species because urbanization and intensive agriculture ruin its natural habitat. It is also a very commercialized plant and therefore.

Beaucarnea - the Expert replies - HELICRISO

Beaucarnea-smoke-eating plant botanical name: Beaucarnea family: Agavaceae short description: Evergreen indoor plant, resistant and long-lived, easy to grow, characterized by a woody and spongy stem, swollen at the base, which constitutes a water reserve Paganopiante Products available from garden centers and nurseries: tropical plants, indoor and outdoor green plants, PAGANOPIANT ornamental plants

Beaucarnea smoke-eating plant: long ornamental plant

With extensive growing and care instructions. 。 Only an original TROPICA product with 4 color photo paper and detailed growing instructions! Spedizione gratuita per ordini da € 20 。 。TROPICA - Pianta mangiafumo (Nolina recurvarta syn. Beaucarnea) - 0 Semi- 。Origine: Sud degli e .。Inverno:0 Leggi gli articoli di con le guide e i suggerimenti per diventare un professionista del Giardinaggio. Trasforma il tuo orto, il tuo giardino e il tuo terrazzo in luoghi magici di cui essere orgoglioso Un intervento di cura o profilassi mal (o per nulla) eseguito rappresenta sempre per le nostre piante un'ulteriore causa di disturbo che può a volte aggravare la situazione in atto. Se abbiamo qualche dubbio, o non riusciamo a riconoscere le cause della sofferenza delle nostre piante, ricorriamo al parere di uno specialista sottoponendogli un campione rappresentativo della malattia da. Il Bonsai di Beaucarnea Recurvata o Pianta mangia fumo è una sempreverde da interno originaria del Messico. Acquista la tua Beaucarnea online su Piante appartamento. Esistono tantissime specie di piante da interno, con caratteristiche diverse cercheremo di analizzare diverse specie di piante da appartamento, caratteristiche, origini e curiosità, per darti una mano nella spelta della tua pianta da interno ideale per la tua casa

Beaucarnea - Asparagaceae - Coltivazione della Beaucarnea

La Beaucarnea Recurvata o Pianta mangia fumo è una sempreverde da interno originaria del Messico ed appartenente alla famiglia delle Asparagaceae. Ha portamento eretto con fusto allargato alla base che tende a restringersi ed alla cui sommità presenta un ciuffo di foglie curvate e nastriformi di colore verde scuro Scopri tutte le varietà delle nostre piante da interno. Compra online e ricevi comodamente a casa

Mangiafumo - Beaucarnea recurvata - Coltivazione e cura

BEAUCARNEA. Chi siamo Info e Contatti LA VOSTRA GIOIA ON-LINE. Cerca. Carrello. 0 Prodotto: Prodotti: (vuoto) Nessun prodotto. Da determinare Spedizione . Cura del Verde. Curiosità: la Beucarnea recurvata è conosciuta con il nome volgare di mangiafumo, ma in realtà la capacità di assorbire sostanze inquinanti è ancora tutta da dimostrare. Coltivazione: le Beaucarnea non tollerano temperature inferiori ai 10 °C.Nelle zone a clima più rigido vanno riportate in appartamento dall'autunno. Somministrare concime liquido dalla primavera fino a tutta l'estate Consigli su come coltivare e prendersi cura della pianta Beaucarnea conosciuta anche come Pianta Mangiafumo o Nolina Although able to survive with little water and care, it does best if watered frequently and as the plant is very slow growing anyway it's a good idea not to treat it poorly if you can help it Ha un'aria resistentissima la beaucarnea. Per farla durare, oltre a innaffiare e nebulizzare le foglie, cura anche il suo tronco, che respira e assorbe acqua Descrizione. Pianta di Beaucarnea, detta anche Mangiafumo, alta 55 cm in confezione regalo.Fa parte della famiglia delle Asparagaceae. Proviene dalle zone calde e asciutte dell'America Centro Meridionale. Pianta d'appartamento dall'aspetto distintivo con lunghe e strette foglie di color verde scuro da coltivare in ambiente luminoso ma lontano dai raggi solari diretti

BEAUCARNEA V. 12 H.35 CM. Quantit - Nome Botanico: Beaucarnea recurvata - Fioritura: La fioritura della Beucarnea è piuttosto rara alle nostre latitudini e comunque avviene solo in piante che hanno oltre 10 anni. - Posizione: Posizionare in ambiente interno lumino spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a 99 €. reso gratuito entro 30 giorni. offerte del mese fino al 70 Una bellissima pianta Nolina o Beaucarnea, in un preziosissimo vaso di ceramica decorato a mano, dalle tonalità azzurre. Beaucarnea e Caltagirone

Video: Ponytail Palm Bi Seeds Se Grow Kr Lya. Beautiful Beaucarnea Recurvata Outdoor Plant